Double Tanker Fire Explosions In Onitsha

Double Tanker Fire Explosions In Onitsha

Double Tanker Fire Explosions In Onitsha: The fire outbreak that was caused by a gas tanker that fell in the Ochanja market Onitsha on Wednesday caused lots of alarming havoc, loss of lives and properties. The news is still a very sad and pathetic one to everyone in Anambra as it was reportedly a double fire outbreak later that night again in the night at Omogba phase 2. The truth is that so many died in this explosion but there are no appropriate counts of how many people involved or deceased yet. these are some of the photos and videos gathered from different sources;

onitsha fire2

onitsha on fire

One of the most painful parts is seeing a woman and her baby of about 7 months was burnt during the fire outbreak but the main fact is that it took over 5 hours before a fire service team came in the scene for some reasons yet to be known, these are the picture of the woman and other bodies recovered from the scene

woman and baby deaddead people

The fire outbreak in Anambra is seeming to be a concurrent happening but the government is putting lots of efforts to overcome this tragedy to reoccur, Meanwhile, the government of Anambra state has agreed to place a compensation to the affected or victim though we are yet to confirm if there has been anything done. we say Ripp to the deceased and we pray that those affected will see a way to start up again.

the clips below will tremble you but its just a little display of the fire and we could imagine how it could be after the full five hours of burning;





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