Top 10 Patoranking Songs


Top 10 Patoranking Songs

Top 10 Patoranking Songs

Top 10 Patoranking Songs: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie aka Patoranking is a top Nigerian Reggae singer and afrobeat artist who hails from Onicha in Ebonyi state, born on 27 May 1990 in Ijegun Lagos. He has done so many good pieces of music with different top Nigerian artist and he openly said on a TV interview that he don’t smoke and drink alcohol,he is also blessed with a beautiful daughter.


This young and handsome artist that is well known in the industry due to his unique pattern of singing like a Jamaican and it left so many talking and thinking he’s not a Nigerian but I believe that’s a way he knows better to pass on his own message to the world. The song is filled with so much love and passion expressed by the artists in the lyrics, love is always a beautiful thing when you are with the people that worth your love and the collaboration he made in the recording of this track was a great idea.


Make Am

This was a very great recording and was released in 2015 and was a great inspiration to the young youths out there encouraging them to strive harder in whatever they do that one day all their stories and endeavors will be materialized and yield good fruits. The video was a good one to watch and it hoarded so many views on YouTube because of the dances, costumes and dramatic expressions engulfed in the video.


Money Ft Phyno

The two arts are good friends and collaborating in any song to make hit won’t be an option because both artists are hitmakers so the song is all about a success story. Many people has a very shattered past as the two artists explained in the lyrics, how they hustled and strived to be at the top and by God’s grace they have attained a height and doing well in the industry, the video is so rich showing much money made and firm acquired and encouraging everyone that one day money will call our phone lines.



This was a hit track for the artist who’s trying to build up his music status to rate up to the best amongst all and it was a very sweet one as well. The artist came out with lots of energy and has fun in giving good records to his name and improving his music career.


Love You Die Ft Diamond

This is a corporate love song dedicated to someone loved so much and expressing how much you want to protect the love you share, the track got views and many vibes to it on any availability.


Confirm Ft Davido

The year 2019 is a very reputable year in the both artists life because the made thunder hits as I call it, the DMW boss is a very famous and success fill musician and each song dropped turns to instant hit because he’s a very admired artist and got lots and millions of fans in the world who is equally die-hard. The collaboration from the two stars came out with a successful record as expected and the video was a well shot and organized one as well as the lyrics and with all these efforts put in it the song got over two million views on YouTube.


My woman Ft WandeCoal

WandeCoal is a very big name in the industry and he is a hitmaker, he has dropped so much hits in the recent years and in the collaboration we could see him coming out with great banger with another unique vocal recorder Patoranking who used his Jamaican pattern of singing to murder the lyrics and the song was well accepted by fans worldwide making this song a lowing one as at the year of its release.


No Kissing Baby Ft Sarkodie

The great Ghanaian art is seen with massive energy and comes out with good raps that suits the beat being presented, no kissing baby is a love song saying that after every break up there should be a fundamental makeup because love comes with so much up and downs and only the heart that truly loves can endure till it ends. The two artists gave in their best in this song with good video shot showcasing loved and good dance steps to follow and after the release, it could be seen all over the country being used as dance videos.


Daniella Whine

This is a dance club side music as we all can hear it, in fact, the tune is catchy and equally a teaser, a music lover will find it hard to resist the tune. The video was a success too and the kind of lyrics he used was another attracting one because no one else uses his style of singing and that makes you unique.



The Shaku Shaku dance style became rampant in the country and each artist’s video could be seen with this kind of dancing pattern in it, the song is a complete dance play and you can’t resist the catchy tune of the song. The music’s video was incredible and had so much energy added to it and gained thousands of views as well.

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