Top 10 Wandecoal Songs


Top 10 Wandecoal Songs

Top 10 Wandecoal Songs: The top Nigerian singer, songwriter, and multi-talented artist Oluwatobi Wade Ojosipe, popularly known with the stage name Wande Coal. He was born on 18th October 1985 which makes him a Libra in Lagos Nigeria. His music career started in the church as a chorister and later became visible in music/entertainment industry at his teenage though he was first known for dancing before he got picked up by Don Jazzy and signed a contract with the young singer into the Mo’Hits records in 2006 were he began fully as a singer.

He came forth with his first debut single “Ololufe” under the record label and the single boomed his music carrier and made him more significant in the industry and later released his first album in 2009 and it pushed him to eminence in the industry though he still encountered so many rumors and other things it never weighed him down.

He has dropped so many hits back to back and the artist is known for his vocal strength and ability to make good music and today he’s operating in his own record label Black Diamond records. I will drop down some of his notable hits.


  1. You Bad

As the artist was seen starting from grass and being seen entering grace, he’s very significant in the industry because of the kind of hard work and effort he puts to make good music and as we all can see the kind of vocal strength he adds to the release and success of this track. The song was a killer vibe and it also trended as it was widely accepted in the country.


  1. Bumper 2 Bumper

This was a hit and hot jam that the artist released and its included in the album “Mushin to Mo’Hits” as was recorded under the record label aforementioned, the producer was Don Jazzy and he really went a long way in singing the singer and helped him discover his realest talent. The song was a dance and love one, the message that was intended to pass on was as clear as storm wave and it really hoarded so many views online.


  1. Iskaba Ft Dj Tunez x Ballers

This became a boom and hit the track as it was released in 2017 by the great singer and it was recorded under his label Black Diamond records and the song came out with lots of spice and a well-arranged background. The video music was a very successful one per say, the artist and dancers were seen rocking beautiful and colored attire and with all these efforts put in place the song was a very wide accepted hit and it trended accumulating lots of views on YouTube and other social media platforms.


  1. Baby Hello

This was a piece of dance music that was dropped in 2015 and it came out with lots of spicy and interesting juice and the lyrics were a clear and a love inclined one. This song’s music video was a very sweet one and a must watch as well because it came out with a sweet love dance step and other interesting things, the song trended and got many views and this was produced by Maleek Berry.


  1. So Mi So

On the release of this song many fans out there confirmed that the artist is super talented and making this single release under the Black Diamond, he added some of the songlines dropped in Iskaba and it still made much sense. We know him because of his ability to produce sweet and cool love songs and this track was produced by Juls.


  1. Been Long You Saw Me & Private

The big singer and songwriter became scarce after his M2M album release and his fans out there have been looking forward to more single hits from him and surprisingly he came forth with this loving vibe and it was full of energy and he dropped 3 singles at this time.


  1. Super Woman

This is noted to be the third track on the album “Wanted” and the single was not just good but it passed a strong sound message. The song “Super Woman” was an illustration of a man that is madly in love with the opposite and is ready to do anything both {unlawful} things just to keep her close and put smiles on her face and this was especially explained in the music video.


  1. Kiss Your Hand Ft R2Bees

This was a hit love song that featured a top Ghanaian rapper and singer R2Bees and he has seen doing studio works and what he knows how to do best in the music world. Both artist are well recognized in Africa for good music and a thing about this song is that it’s evergreen each time it played.


  1. Taboo

This was the exact year the influential vocal monster lest mushin to Mo’Hit’s and he came out with the album which this track was included as we all were desperate and waiting for the star to record a new song for the fans.


  1. Rotate

This sound hit track was released in 2014 and was produced by Don Jazzy as we could hear his voice in the hit track. The star Wande Coal was seen in his glory as well as he gave good lyrics to the song and it was still a love play, the video is a must-watch as well so sit back and enjoy good music.

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