Top 10 Simi Musics


Top 10 Simi Musics

Top 10 Simi Musics: In the list of good performing arts in Nigeria when love music is mentioned practically Simisola aka Simi will always have a view because she’s a born love music songstress and ever since she came into view in the music and entertainment industry I must say she’s always making hits and have arrived with successful results.


Simi – Loving

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, there are few female artists and Simisola is one of the most popular because of the efforts and vocals sounds she gives in every of her tracks. Loving you is practically a love song trying to show how jealous loving someone so much could turn you to and always looking out for the person to make sure no one else should interfere or come close to that person. Simi with good vocal and lyrics made good hit and expression of what she wanted to pass into fans and in the video showed us how cherished someone loved could become and be able to do both crazy things just to show that special one how much you feel towards them.


Simi ft Falz – chemistry

This is a very sweet melodic song full of emotional expressions trying to illustrate that love is nothing else but cool chemistry which can’t be fully solved sometimes because it’s broad and we can’t even quench it when it’s really from the heart. The two superstars con-currently repeated about the strong feelings of what love could mean to someone although we have spotted the two artistes collaborating in almost some albums but at last we found out that they had nothing else in common except a solid friendship which made them understand each other very well and always came out with god songs that turns out to be a must vibe for their fans and many other music lovers.


Simi ft Mr P – zombie

In the Nigerian music industry, there are people who are well known for making good music like Mr. P of p square who went in collaboration with the female artist Simisola and actually she’s well known to be a very good singer and also a love and emotional songstress. The video well shows that love is too deep that so many can do anything for it when it’s true and from the heart and their dancing styles and background were very descriptive and quite notable kudos to clearance peters that shot the video and many other good videos.


Simi ft Falz – soldier

The two artistes are very influential and always out there with good music’s, this track is very clear through both the lyrics and video showcasing that love can come from any angle, a commando falls in love with an ordinary village girls whose mindset is not yet made up but he kept on pestering the lady promising her so many things and being speechless in most cases as well but finally he got a chance from her and it worked out for both.


Simi – Smile for Me

Simisola is such an influential female songstress because even when she releases a single it turns out to be a hit and a must vibe. This track is a very deep and emotional one due to the pattern of lyrics used, many people always displeases their self and sells their happiness just for the loved one to be happy, love really don’t count odds or check evens because it looks beyond flaws and finds it easy to let go of some certain things.


Simi – Love Don’t Care

The title of the song itself is self-explained quoting accurately that love doesn’t really care who you are or what you are it comes from anyone and anytime as well as knowing who has really fallen in love with you and how to follow the person. Simisola made this cool music a lovable one and as well a must vibe, her efforts to her music are very well seen and anyone could visibly notify and attest to this fact. Everyone may see her as a lover girl but practically she knows how to arrange a very good love song.


Simi ft Falz – jamb question

This song was released earlier in 2016 and turned out to be a well-known and frequently played music as well because of the kind of efforts and lyrics been used. At times we tend to be speechless when you are in front of that special person and at times you say things that don’t fall in place at that moment but later on, you will realize the mistake you have made but just smile at yourself knowing that right in your mind you can’t really express yourself.


Simi – Joromi

This song was released the year 2017 by the superstar and it’s just nothing but an extraordinary love song, as usual, were how much someone could be crushing on you but without you realizing until the person summons the courage to walk up to you and say what is up in the mind. The song video is a remarkable one because it tried to explain everything been vibe on lyrics showing how the crush started and how it will end as well and the background used is also good.


Simi ft Adekule Gold – Promise

this two great artiste came out with a big shock and surprise to their fans because no one knew they were into a very intimate relationship till the publicly announced their wedding and made it worth remembering with this particular song they made for their special day with a cool video walking down the aisle and holding hands together having the confidence that it is all they always dreamt of and always wanted to be together as well, in fact, she’s just a figure to be looked at and equally emulated teaching us that love is private but not secret.


Simi – Tiff

Love songs are really hard to sing and equally make it mean sense to people listening to it but Simisola finds it easy to always see a way to enter the heart of her fans with her cool and emotional vibes, this track is just illustrating how love could touch both the marrow’s knowing full well that someone has stolen your heart and you have no other power than to call that person a thief but not making any other bad impression in the name tag.



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