Top 10 Runtowns Songs


Top 10 Runtowns Songs

Top 10 Runtowns Songs: Douglas Jack Agu aka Runtown is a top Nigerian singer, producer and songwriter who hails from Enugu state Nigeria. He is well known from his hit tracks like “Mad over you” and “Gallardo“, he has been active in the industry since 2010 to date and he is well known for releasing hot jams and these are few of his tot hit tracks;


Bend Down Pause Ft Wizkid

The young artist came out in massive with good music all through right from onset and he could be seen making good collaboration with top artists with good vocal prowess, Wizkid is a big name in the music industry because of the kind of effort and success he got in his music career and believe me any track he is futures on turns out to be a hit and he’s a hit-maker as we have seen. Bend down pause is dance music mostly good for tweak and fire dances and as we could see in the video as the two stars do there dancing and the lyrics are very understanding.


For Life

Love is something that we meet in our day to day activities but we could see the artist describing how much he feels about love and not wanting to let go of her and wants to share eternity with her. The video is filled with crazy and smooth emotions as we see the star showing the beautiful young adoring lady love in his own style and way as well. The kind of love that no one could resist, what so many pray for and what so many have got already, well in summary love is a good thing.



This was so much recommended and recognized not just because of the collaboration with the best Ghanaian rapper but because as at that time the artist was on fire, he released this track after a great single and everyone saw it that 2017 was a blessed year for this young and vibrant love artist. He got millions of fans as this particular time and was doing so well now following the lyrics of the song he released with the famous rapper Sarkodie, it was just a love song showing how easy a loved one can make your life become he referred to it as painkiller and I believe the name he tagged it suits the lyrics.


Mad Over You

While reviewing Runtowns music life you can never skip this great single which topped the chart for months and got the attention of many viewers, in fact, it turned into a must sing an anthem which could be seen on everyone’s lips. He made the video with a cultural background mostly to promote our cultural heritage and as well as our pride. The lyrics of this track is very simple and easy to vibe to, this track went far and near and got so many views on social media and social networks millions of subscribers and many other awards following it too just for the appreciation of good music.


Gallardo ft Davido

He has an accepted and loved pattern of singing which is accepted by his fans worldwide, he collaborates with many top artists when it’s very necessary to, the collaboration with Davido is a big one for him as he was still setting his pace in the industry as at 2014, the song was a good one and a successful one per say because of the kind of energy and efforts added to make it a hit. It got so many reviews and downloads online and as at that time, both artists were on fire and had so much to always offer to their distinguished fans.



He tried to show how hard it is to find love that could lead to marriage which occurs in our present life now, his father has seen it due for him to settle down but the task for him to choose one for himself that he will be able to live together with forever was the battle he fought and saw one that he could barely stay without and that pushed him to name her the latest and equally giving his heart out of true love. We can see how colorful the video was and seeing good dancing steps and style with cultural outfits to beautify the day.



In this scene, we could see the artist telling us the kind of life he wishes to continue living, a life free from troubles and fight, a life of clean hustle and success. He wants a better life and more success to himself, not having time to make worries or have issues with people and that implies to everyone out there to live a cool life free from troubles.


Let me love you

When good music is made it seems like it’s from bloodline but before its out to the masses there has been so many works and efforts put to it to make it worth listening to, the superstar takes his time to arrange his music’s and lyrics and in this track we see the sweet melodic tune and lyrics used although is a love song telling to opposite to allow love to flow. The song is a must-play and can also be played at parties or other occasions.



This track is very deep and emotional as well, it’s a full love song that he tried to say things we feel when we fall in love, to shows that love is a promise and we should learn to keep it not to play with that person or make that special one regret accepting the love we offer. Love has no time it’s constant and it comes from within deep down our soul and body and in an agreement between the opposite we can make a better thing out of our lives.



This song was released earlier 2019 and it became a must-play because many people found encouragement and comfort playing it nonstop, in this life many people will plan your downfall but will be alive to see their plans fall. Enemies are real but the more real thing is that they can’t stop the success of a genuine hustler and the artiste said it plainly that no man can take our joy away and we will continue to flourish and flex from our sweat as well, the lyrics and tune are something we can’t resist.


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