Top 10 Phyno Songs

 Top 10 Phyno Songs

Top 10 Phyno Songs

Top 10 Phyno Songs: This is one of the best rappers in Nigeria and likely the best Igbo rapper and he has done so many collaborations right from the beginning of his music career to date and he is always presenting good pieces of music back to back. the list has just a few of his hit singles and collabos.


Ride For You Ft Davido

The recent album deal with it comes with so many hot tracks, this particular song Is shot in Atlanta and we can see these two arts doing great collaboration, the DMW boss spoke Igbo language  fluently as we could hear him clear in the song, in fact, this is a must listen to by any music lover out there. This song is already trending and accumulating so many views and insights.


So Far So Good

This is a thanksgiving song that talks about the mercies, favor, and glory of his impact in our lord and I must say that the Almighty God is faithful and keeps his part of the agreement he made to mankind. The artist realized that he’s nothing without God and won’t be where he is today and as at the release of the track in 2017 it went viral and trended.


Fada Fada

The hit track promoted the music career of the artist more in 2016 and it trended so much and got more recommendations. The artist used his local dialect which is Igbo to pass his message and it was also a thanksgiving song related to his success story. The song was so much welcomed and accepted by his fans out there. In this track, we could see the kind of love and passion he put to his songs even as a single hit.


Financial Woman Ft P Square

The year 2016 was a much graced year for the young and talented artist and he went in collaboration with the top Nigerian twin singers P Square and it as a blast and hit. it was a piece of street music that explained how most ladies take a man’s love to be irrelevant maybe because of his present situation or instability but still trying his best to impress her but she ends up throwing him off. After a long time, the rejected succeed and tries to remind her of all those past years. They made a lot of effort both in the video and made a good result after gaining the views of so many fans on YouTube. This track is part of the play maker album.



This is a complete street music and a hit track on the album “No Guts No Glory” that was released in 2014 and it was a well-pronounced one for the artist and many fans could be seen vibe to the lyrics, in this he recalled all his friends and the word “Alobam” means my friends and he called out so many names there. In life sometimes you should recall people who helped you attain a height above your former standards.


Nme Nme

The year 2014 was a very successful one for this great rapper, songwriter and singer, almost every track on the album “No Guts No Glory” were all hits each single and the meaning of the title “Nme Nme” means party time and we know very well that occasion times many wonderful things happen if you have good and strong friends.


Ghost Mode Ft Olamide

This is still in the album released in 2014 “no guts no glory” and this track is featuring the great Nigerian raps in collaboration. The producer of the song is Major Bangs and he made a good beat that suits the two rap kings, the song is a very fine one regarding the energy added to the success of the release of this song and it was widely accepted by fans out there and the video was dropped few weeks after the audio.


Zamo Zamo Ft Wandecoal

This was a great collaboration between the two artists and it actually trended both on YouTube and other social media platforms. The two arts came out with a clear message and passed it on by the lyrics and I must say it is a must listen to on your cool times.


E Sure For Me

This is a song of so much inspiration of faith in God and showing trust over him, the song explains that without God almighty we can’t do anything successfully. The singer used the medium to tell the story of his music career startup and how tough it was for him to be relevant but God blessed his efforts and made him famous, the song was released 2017 and it hoarded so many views and well accepted by fans as a good song it added good reputation to his career as well.


Bombay Ft Wizkid

In 2015 this artist has fire of good music burning in him and he made good sound in each track he dropped and the collaboration with this top art was a blow-up for him in his music career and even in this track both artists gave in their best and it as a banger in the industry and a must-play. The music video came in early and immediately after the audio was dropped, both artists showed us lots of energy and made good music as well and their both fans honored this song too.

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