Top 10 Kizz Daniel Songs

Top 10 Kizz Daniel Songs

Top 10 Kizz Daniel Songs

Top 10 Kizz Daniel Songs: Kizz Daniel is an artist that hails from Ogun state and is well known for his great singles “Woju” and “Yeba” and was formally answering Kiss Daniel, and he later changed his stage name in May 2018 to Kizz Daniel and his born 1 May 1994. His full name is Oluwatobiola Daniel Anidugbe, he has won so many awards to himself and that is a great success to his music career.


Kizz Daniel – Jombo

This is a very influential artist that makes sure he brings forth good music at each track he releases and he’s one of the most loved Nigerian artist right from his blow-up and became recognized, Jombo is a track that shows how two young fellas fell in love and fortunate for them the lady got pregnant and he had no much options than to go see her parents who are very cruel and harsh as the man fears so much but later accepted and decided to go see the parents and to his greatest surprise he was accepted and this is just a replica of what is happening in the country most times.


Kizz Daniel – Mama

Kizz Daniel is a love and emotional singer although he uses a dance beat in most cases he’s lyrics points toward love and affection and how a loved one feels when the opposite is hurt or in pains of any type as demonstrated in the video. This was a very great success for the singer because this made the fans wanting to see more from the young art knowing fully well that he got lots of songs to sing. The track and video were released in 2016 and many people loved and vibe to it.


Kizz Daniel x Davido – One Ticket

In every good musicians life that comes a time when you have to be strategic and decisive on who to collaborate within other to make a good hit and as we all can see the collaboration was worth it because Davido the DMW boss was still on his special mood releasing hits back to back and this particular track really trended in the internet, loved by so many fans of the both artists because of the lyrics which stated clearly that many scam the opposite and take their advantage of loving them but we should learn to let go when it’s necessary. This was a late 2018 hit and the two superstars did the best of what they actually know how to do.


Kizz Daniel – Yeba

This is a piece of very sweet sound music and a single by the artist, as we always have seen him coming out with great singles and on his own record label flyboys. Kizz Daniel’s is an artist we can’t stop talking about in a hurry because he has his own patter of music and maintains it very well, he makes hits at singles right from his career start under the G-worldwide record label till he started up his own.


Kizz Daniel – Laye

this was the second hit track he recorded under G-worldwide his first record label and at this time a dance step called Shoki was invoking and we could see in the video were the star is seen dancing it severally, it was a great year for the young artist and he really put many efforts in his music and this energy in him kept him till date and making hit is something he’s getting used to and it’s what really matters too.


Kizz Daniel – Woju

This was the track that made the great artist sell and get recognized as well featuring two great stars was a goal and achievement to his music career as ell and that really boosted his music reputation making fans believe in him and his music as well. This is thoroughly a love song which he first released the single before the remix showed up and was sold much more than the formal single featuring Tiwa Savage and Davido, his music light was on fire at this moment and ,many were expecting more of that good sounds from him which he’s doing and progressing more.


Kizz Daniel – Baba

He’s known for doing less collaboration and this track as a very excellent drop he made in early 2018 featuring Dj Spinal. He always makes good records which in turn goes a wide range and makes more and more fans to be following him on social media just to be getting cool updates and sound vibes from him as well; baba is all about the rich who is ready to spend his money for fun and enjoyment too.


Kizz Daniel – No Do

This track s just like an encouragement telling us not to walk past our shadow which implies in simple terms taking everything slowly no rush in life so that you won’t make regrettable mistakes in the long run. Many people are seen and known to be doing so many things that won’t really take them far. This track is a nonstop play and you could hear it being played in clubs and parties too, the lyrics are as simplified as equally have good tunes as well.


Kizz Daniel x Mayourkun – True

In the entertainment and music industry, there are many stars who are giving ample hits back to back and the collaboration with the young star and famous artist mayourkun fondly called the mayor of Lagos who is under the record label of the DMW boss Davido is seen since 2016 giving bangers and hits. The two great arts decided to collaborate and bring up a very alluring song which goes far in explaining how hard most relationship could be when there are side talks and bad energies arising but true feelings and love always conquer because after a long fight they still recall what makes them special and tends to put smiles on their faces forgetting the past which wants to separate them from whom the ant to be with.


Kizz Daniel – Madu

This kizz Daniel’s track is among the album “no bad song” and I must attest to it that all the tracks each were hits back to back all singles, the lyrics were a lovely one and very easy to dance to as we can see so many people bringing up a dance video with the song and even as the great artist doing his own dancing as well and it was a must learned pattern to and all thanks and more grace to the artists.


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