Top 10 Duncan Mighty Songs

Top 10 Duncan Mighty Songs

Top 10 Duncan Mighty Songs

Top 10 Duncan Mighty Songs: Duncan Mighty is well known as the Port Harcourt first son as he always says it in most of his tracks. He is an icon in the music industry with a lot of good and unique patterns of music and this is just among his favorite tracks being played across Nigeria.

Radio Call

The Port Harcourt based singer is always seen and known for good performance and coming up with good records as well, this won’t be an exception and he was trying to apologize for things we know and things we don’t know in this track. The lyrics were all about apologizing and saying sorry for the mistakes he made in the past and present trying to let her know that he’s mortal and his liable to make errors at any time. The lyric was a combination of different languages and in the video, he dropped shortly after the audio version we say how he tried and say sorry and as well as giving another chance to make things right, this is the proper explanation that to err is human and to forgive is divinity.



This was a hit single and very well remarkable song from this great artist because none saw it coming, his very good in dropping good love song and many turns out to be a nonstop anthem as we can’t stop listening to this particular track till date because it can’t get sore to every of his fans out there. Obianuju is an Igbo name that’s given to a female but in this track, it’s especially dedicated to any beautiful woman out there and showing how deep funny true love could be. This song made anyone bearing the name so proud of it to date and it’s a non-stop and must play the song.



This tag or title means that God is always with us at any point in time, the artist expresses his joy, happiness, and thanks with gratitude for the lord was always by him and that has been the secret to his success. He expressed that many want his downfall but the lord kept lifting him higher beyond his expectation and that’s why he has gone this far and can’t fail to recognize the only person who made it possible for him. Many artists always retrace and acknowledge that all they had and their success now wasn’t just through their hard work and if not for God nothing positive would have happened.


Fake love

In the long run, this great art and superstar seems like he was in an illusion for a while and from 2017 he came out with fire and hot jams. The collaboration he made with the superstar Wizkid was very notable because the track was a hit. The song was passing a message across to the world on how most ladies live their lives saying that they are only there when there is money giving you fake love but once the money is not coming as before they quickly find their way out. Fake love is not a new thing again because it’s been seen happening amongst us and the two artists marked it wrong and pieces of advice their fans across the world to beware of fake love.



This great artist made many collaborations in 2018 and all of them were hits and the decision to collaborate with Lil kesh was a Big deal for both artists because they have already set their pace in the industry and promoting their music was never an issue or task all they needed is to give out the best in the track and they were lucky to come out with one which was widely accepted and loved as well by their fans. Flenjo was just like advice to all out there to always try to give ourselves cool times for relaxation and enjoyment so that we won’t break down someday, we should make out time to go and chill with friends, take some bottles and feel new in life you don’t have to kill yourself with hustling.


Lova Lova

Tiwa Savage is like a queen in the music Industry not just that she’s pretty and looks good she also got heavy talent that she’s unleashing beat by beat, the collaboration both artists made came out with a better result and widely played as at the release 2018. We could hear the male art confessing love to the opposite and promising to do anything to secure the love, the video came out weeks after the audio and trended because of the kind of drama put up there, the background and outfits were colorful as we know the two stars to be fashion lovers, well as expected the song got so many downloads and recommendations.


Ako n’uche

This is a pure Igbo dialect as referring to the title of the track and it means wisdom, the artist said that it is worth more than anything in life because if you don’t have wisdom you are empty and it’s no acquired, you can’t buy it, it’s not gotten from education, it’s not something you can learn from another source, it only comes from one source which is from God almighty alone. He advises us to pray the prayer that Solomon prayed for God to give him just wisdom because with it you will excel, expand and go far in life, this song came with cool and very strong inspiration and teaching us that life is invalid if you don’t have wisdom as a human being.



This was one of the topmost played music as at 2018 and also was a strong first-time collaboration with the great artist Davido and Peruzzi vibes, the three artists brought heads together to make and release a good record as expected. These songs video was shot life in Port Harcourt city where many things and cultural heritages were displayed like the rivers, fishermen, oils, food, and more significant we saw the great artists rocking the Igbo cultural wears in a grand style. The song was all about showing love and helping people and loved ones who need your help and also the rich cultural heritage of the country Nigeria.



This was a good song to listen to seeing good artists coming together to make a good song as we can see Bracket collaborating with Duncan Mighty in this track named “Chinelo” though it’s a native or tribal name that can be given to any Igbo beautiful girl out there. It’s a love song as we all knew the artists based on singing love songs and it was a good vibe, the lyrics were smooth and the video was released after the audio and it equally made much more sense as it was point straight to the lyrics that was composed by the efforts of the both arts.



This song is one of the well-known songs in his music career as he finds joy using native names to compose his songs and making many Igbo girls out there proud of their names and looks. This songs video was well directed and hit the point expressing the beauty of a woman and how cherished they can be in a man’s eyes although nothing good comes easy lots of hard times should be expected

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