Top 10 Davido Songs

Top 10 Davido Songs

Top 10 Davido Songs

Top 10 Davido Songs: The Nigerian based artiste Davido was born in Atlanta and has been very successful in the entertainment industry, He has released over 50 tracks and few albums but this ones listed are most of the most played and most viewed out of the others.



The DMW boss came out with this hit fall as at 2017 which shake the internet and also it became the most viewed African music video on YouTube and the superstar made mention of a well know football legend and world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and he followed Davido on twitter after the song went viral and so many people and fans enjoyed this vibe and lyrics too because it was pointing towards love almost. This single won an award of the best producer of the year and also recognized as the best African single in the top chart.



In the music industry making music seems easy but making a hit is difficult but the artist is very influential and a perfectionist in making good hits and the year 2017 was a blessed one for one of the best singers in Africa because he made singles that hit all through. The song IF was a love trying to tell about his love and saying how much he can get committed to it by giving all without restraining anything, true love is rare and very hard to really determine when it’s for real or fake.



This hit track was more of a very flexible dance step which many vibes to seeing so many different races coming together in a dance hall with a stylish pattern. The video was amazing and won the award of the MTV best song of the year, it was released in 2016 and I must say it as a must-play all over Nigeria and also in so many different African countries that follow new dance patterns and Nigerian dance styles. The young superstar had nothing else in mind than to bring In the best moves and must listen to sounds and he’s excelling greatly far beyond the African genre of music.



This music was released by the top well-known artiste David Adeleke with the stage name Davido and it’s like a love song for every strong woman out there and more especially single mothers. He specially dedicated the song to his two baby mamas and to his loved daughters as he displayed all of them in his video, it was a trending song within the ending of 2018 and could be heard in every stereo because of the melody and kind of lyrics used to compose the song.



Davido is an artist that I can say that every of his singles turns out to be a hit right from the start of his music career till date, we have seen him lately with this loving woman named Chioma who he’s been dating for over two years now as we can see and they are getting along very well with an envious love as I may say because he bought her a Porsche worth over 40 million nairas and also signed an endorsement for her worth over 100 million naira. Davido has been a blessing to this special woman he openly says he loves daily showing her off on Instagram and other social networks, Assurance is a hit that is dedicated to Chioma and we can see all of it in the video which he showed how much he feels for her and tends to play with her too, many Nigerians are really praying to have this kind of opportunity in their life and we really know it’s a rare one for any lady to come across. Assurance is like an anthem for some while others enjoy the melodic tunes and every woman out there answering Chioma is now proud of herself.



This was a 2015 song by the famous artiste showing off different beautiful women and different dance styles too, the music and video is just a party jam and just for dancing in summary. The artiste performed very well on his part of promoting good Nigerian music to other parts of Africa and is doing a great job through achieving and reaching his target and winning so many awards.



This is a 2019 hit by the DMW boss Davido in collaboration with the known American artiste Chris Brown who is a superstar and one of the most influential artists in the music industry. The name of the song explains itself and it’s really blowing everyone’s mind because no one was expecting the collaboration at this point and he came out with unimaginably the best of him. The lyrics are as simple and the song is marked number one in African records 2019 and has also topped the chart in the billboard, the song is more of a love hit and emotional song expressing how much love can make someone act and want more and it tries to explain that love rules the world.



This is actually the song or track that brought out Davido to be recognized in the international view, the song was composed and produced very well in the year 2011 and he got so many fans and recognition from this single track. Releasing this track needed efforts and good work which he added all he could and as well got a good outcome and became loved by so many Nigerians and he has been a lucky man from birth both his background and otherwise, his luck lead him to blow in the music industry.



This song was a very sweet one and was sang with a repeated name Veronica, the artiste with his voice and tone he used made a very good lyrics out of it and many people loved to vibe to it. This track wasn’t one of his best but he added good effort and as well arrived in making it a must-play by so many of his fans worldwide.



The year 2014 was a very blessed one for the famous artiste because he released good music back to back and this track, in particular, went very far and viral starting from the beat used and to other things to be considered. This is actually a love song that was being displayed on the video although by a cultural method but we could also sight his cousin brother B-red in the video and seeing how the danced and tried to make the song’s lyrics well explain and this clearly states that true love is blind.



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