Top 10 Reekado Banks Songs

Top 10 Reekado Banks Songs

Top 10 Reekado Banks Songs

Top 10 Reekado Banks Songs: Reekado Banks is his stage name while Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon is his full name born December 6, 1993, he’s a young and well known Nigerian songwriter and singer with a premium voice. He signed a four years contract with mavins records from 2014 till 2018, he got his first award at Headies as Rookie of the year 2014 and won the next rated award 2015 after a long fight and his album “spotlight” topped number 10 at the billboard world album chart 2016. He is a success today in the operating under his own record label Banks music.


  1. Blessings On Me

This artist is a very influential one and with a very alarming talent in the music industry as well as the kind of effort he puts to make a piece of good music, this track hoarded over 4 million views on YouTube though it was released late October with an achieved target strategy in 2018. He speaks on what he has in mind to do for the family which everybody out there is hustling and wishing to do, so the message in the lyrics is just a very good attractor and the tune is also alluring.


  1. Sensima ft Reekado Bank

2018 was a blessing a top Nigerian music art named Skibii and the collaboration between the two artists, friends and also neighbors as we discovered is of great success for both, the song was really a blow and blast more than they expected following the sweet dance step attached to it. The song accumulated over 6 million views on YouTube and could almost be heard in every nook and cranny because of the sweet tune it has and the fans all over accepted the song in full mass.


  1. Yawa

This song was released earlier 2nd February 2019 and made hit at one because the beat and lyrics are sweet, this song is hard to be resisted and the kind of efforts he put in producing good music is another alarming thing about him. If you followed up his recent and current music you will understand he’s a son of justified grace and many fans out there loves him and are always eager to receive his good music.


  1. Ba Mi Lo Ft Reekado Banks

This song is a great explanation of what varieties of individuals out there feel at a certain stage of their life and how they react to those feels. Tolani is a great songstress and the collaboration was a well-planned and successful one, they tried to explain how strong love could be felt and how we tend to express it and having a thought if the opposite will likewise reciprocate the outburst feel you have for them. The video is not a watch alone; if you have someone in your mind that you feel for this video will be good to watch and help to give you courage in expressing the feelings you have.


  1. I Know Ft Reekado Banks

Sarkodie is one of the biggest Ghanaian singer and rapper and due to his influence this song has earned over 300,000 views as at its release at January 2019 and with this great achievement and collaboration you will see that Reekado Banks is making good reputations in his career and has collaborated with top arts from different countries and as usual make good hits out of each one.


  1. Pull Up

This is practically a club jam following the beat and tune, it’s just a dance hall music that is sure none can resist dancing,it was released earlier May 2018 and trended on Instagram with over 80, 000 views on YouTube, this song can really turn your dancing and clubbing spirit on without your notice.


  1. Oluwa Ni

This track as of 2016 was a hit and nonstop play released by this great art after exiting mavins records, Then he dropped this single hit earlier 2016 and it was really a very sweet tune to play. Its lyrics are a very inspiring one trying to tell fans his life story of starting with nothing but that small boy is now a big man with so much to show for it as well, so to everyone out there just have it in mind that success is real.


  1. Katpot

This single hit track was one that is remarkable and took him far more than he even expected although he released it under the mavins records as at 2015 and it won an award that year after a long head to head competition with Lil-kesh and it nearly arose a controversy between the two labels but as it is said that success and blessings can’t be withheld I equally this that the honor that was given to him was a well-deserved one because he added so much effort to this.


  1. Bio Bio

As of August 2018, the great art decided to make a collaboration with the Famous artist Duncan Mighty who’s on fire that same year and it was a hit as expect to get because it attracted many views online. The fans of both arts accepted the music and always played it.


  1. Sugar Baby

This is another Mavin’s great hit record though it was released by this great art Reekado Banks and as sweet banger as fans confirmed with so many views on YouTube, Don Jazzy was the producer of this hit and while in the video we can see the Mavin family all out there and made the video more fun with so many dramatic expressions of love and how it feels like.




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