Top 10 Victor Ad Songs


Top 10 Victor Ad Songs

Top 10 Victor Ad Songs

Top 10 Victor Ad Songs: Victor Ad is an inspirational singer who was seen actively in view after the release of a song Erigga feature him on titled “motivation” and after then dropped his first hit single that turned tables and became an anthem in Nigeria “Wetin we gain”.

  1. Wetin We Gain

Victor Adere is a very wonderful artist, in fact, I call him an inspiration giver following the kind of lyrics he drops and this was a hit single that he dropped in 2018 that stormed the whole street and turned into an anthem. The artist said it loud and clears that in this life money rules but you can never reach any height without the grace and also with the kind of effort you put to your hustle.

  1. Victor Ad Ft Davido -Tire You

In this life as a human being, if you don’t have the money you go suffer, the collaboration was a very passive one for the young artist and this song is full of motivational words trying to encourage every hustler out there and also told to add more efforts. This hustle is a win or win don’t give space for failure and don’t relent, both artists are good examples of success and still telling us that they want more confirmations still, which should be the mindset of every youth out there should have.

  1. Erigga Ft Victor Ad – Motivation 

Erigga is a top Nigerian motivational rapper and is making lots of influence in the industry, he was the one that helped Victor Ad to shine forth in the industry with this collaboration and from after the release of this motivational song the artist went viral and many fans began to feel his talent and vibes, he is a typical example to emulate because he always said that he came out from nowhere and fighting to be somewhere. The lyrics are a very touching and equally inspiring one because the artist added some life stories that made it worth listening to and due to their efforts the song hoarded so many views on Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Emoji

This is a hit love single that was dropped in the middle of 2019 and still talked about his anticipated album “Red Eye” and in this single hit tracks Emoji, it got so many fans out there talking because it caught many amassed. The music video was successful and a meaningful one too, a young man falls in love with a woman and she kept on pretending to be in love with him so much but was running her affairs until the young man finally caught her up with the true identity she has.

  1. Kpokpo Didi

The artist later dropped his most anticipated album Ep “Red Eye” around August and this track was not really planned to be part of the album as the artist openly said on Hip TV interview street section, He even forced his director to add it up in the new album which was recently 7 track and after the addition of this track it became 8 tracks and also the artist said that he placed a bet of 300k if the track doesn’t blow and he single-handedly sponsored for the addition. This track came with a trending dance style now and many fans of Victor are fully showing much love dropping videos made with the song on social media and hoarding many views on YouTube.

  1. Red Eye

This was released as the first track under the album released this year 2019 and it’s more like a clear message to everyone telling us that every successful person had a failure until they succeeded and we should always seek the story of how someone started before talking about the glory. He called himself a small boy that is becoming a big man gradually and it’s all by hard work and God’s grace.

  1. Victor Ad Ft Erigga – Why

This artist could be seen as one of the most talented young singer in the industry and just a few weeks after dropping Tire you featuring the DMW boss he now comes with this one which is undoubtedly a remarkable track from both artists and the message in the lyrics was pointing at masses not to sell their votes because this song was dropped at that election time.

  1. Vanessa

This is a hit single dropped by the artist about a young pretty lady who dances on poles and he explained this track with visualizers worked from poker studio and he said that the girl can make a man do undoable just to get a touch and she will kill him last.

  1. Left Pocket

This is a must vibe and a hit track on the album “Red Eye” and the song is doing really well and fans all over are appreciating the efforts of the wetin we gain crooner. This album openly speaks of his hustle to survive and make it and as we all know it’s never easy but the artist is doing well today.

  1. Fact

If you don’t love Victor Ad music’s then you don’t really love Nigerian music and each track dropped in the album was well appreciated by fans and supporters. Fans out there are still waiting for more hits to be dropped soon by the artist.



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